After Sales Service

Esco Service Engineers are NSF-trained on a comprehensive range of clean air and containment and are fully knowledgeable with all relevant standards and guidelines.

Clean air and containment equipment must be serviced and tested on a regular basis to ensure safety, performance and compliance with standards, regulations and good manufacturing practice.

As a manufacturer with products certified to all the leading international standards;

Esco ensures that its service is on top of the line.

Not only do our engineers specialize in Esco products and services, they are also trained to service any other brands. We are able of not just testing and servicing Esco equipment but also of all clean air and containment installations.


Installations Covered:
  1. Biological Safety Cabinets (Class I, II and III)
  2. Laboratory Fume Hoods
  3. Ductless Fume Hoods
  4. Laminar Flow Clean Benches
  5. Animal Containment Workstations
  6. Ultra Low Temperature Freezers
  7. Lab Refrigerators and Freezers
  8. Laboratory Thermostatic Equipment
  9. CO2 Incubators
  10. PCR Thermal Cyclers
Tests Available:
  1. Laminar Flow Clean Benches based on ISO 14644 Part 7: Separative Enclosure (Clean Air Hoods, Gloveboxes, Isolators, Mini-environments)
    1. Particle Count Test at 0.5 um
    2. Airflow Velocity Test
    3. Light Intensity Test
    4. Noise Level Test
    5. Certification Report
  2. Laboratory Fume Hoods as defined by ASHRAE Standards
    1. Face and Exhaust Velocity Test @ 100%, 50% and 25% opening
    2. Airflow Smoke Pattern Test
    3. Light Intensity Test
  3. Ductless Fume Hoods as defined by ASHRAE Standards
    1. Face and Exhaust Velocity Test
    2. Airflow Smoke Pattern Test
    3. Light Intensity Test
    4. Noise Level Testing
  4. Biological Safety Cabinet based on NSF 49 (Annex F), EN 12469:2000 (Section 6 Table 5) or CSA Z312.3-95
    1. Inflow Velocity Test
    2. Downflow Velocity Test
    3. Airflow Smoke Pattern Test
    4. Lighting Intensity Test
    5. Noise Level Test
    6. Certification Report
    7. KI Discus Test
  5. Animal Containment Workstations
    1. Airflow Velocity Test
    2. Particle Count Test at 0.5 um (optional)
    3. Airflow Smoke Pattern Test (optional)
    4. Lighting Intensity Test (optional)
    5. Noise Level Test (optional)
    6. KI Discus Test (optional)
    7. ELISA Analysis on Allergen


Original Parts Availability:

Whenever service is needed and parts are required, minimizing downtime is a critical objective. As we are the supplier, distributor and also manufacturer this means we are able to provide and deliver spare replacement parts in a much shorter lead time than some other companies. Also, statistical usage analysis helps Esco predict parts life, permitting Esco to manage logistics and stage proper inventories around the world. The combination of predictive maintenance, historical data and geospecific proximity assures our customers that parts and labor are available whenever service is scheduled through the local sales organization.


Registration, Documentation and Instruction:

After Sales Service

Quality control at Esco extends from research and development through engineering, manufacturing, shipment, delivery and customer feedback. Esco maintains an aggressive program to encourage warranty card registration by mail, email or online submittal so that we know where Esco products are located and how they are being used. Data from our warranty registration program is confidential and provides us with valuable contact information should we ever need to notify you about your Esco product.

All Esco products include unique serial numbers for identification.

Documentation for all performance tests is archived and maintained for customer reference.


Online Technical Information:

After Sales Service

Site preparation instructions are useful before product arrival and installation. Installation and start-up manuals, operations manuals and quick reference guides are available anytime from the Esco Library online. An interactive online LiveSupport™ concierge center accessible through the Esco website offers extended hours of operation. LiveSupport™ permits users to dialogue directly with Esco.


Service Coordination:

Service Coordinator on hand assists and coordinates any technical queries and schedule site visits for customers. As a service team, we are customer service driven, and aims to do all we can to provide the best possible service from start to finish.