Radiopharmacy Hood (Lead Shielded Biological Safety Cabinet)

 Radiopharmacy Hood (Lead Shielded Biological Safety Cabinet)
  • Facilitates an ISO Class 5/Grade A working environment for
  • Provides product, operator, and environment protection
  • Operator is protected from radiation by lead-shielded sides, work zone bottom, and front sliding sash
  • Lead-shielded Protection: customizable depending on client’s requirements
  • Radiation proof acrylic glass with Pb equivalence
  • Microprocessor-based control and alarm system
  • Modular and easily customized with your desired equipment integrated in the work station (generator, dose calibrator, automatic dipper, waste bin)
  • Ergonomic sloped front eliminates glare off the front window and ensures operator comfort during extended usage
  • Horizontal sliding chest shield
  • Shielded compartments for integration of generator, dose calibrator and waste bin


  • All Stainless steel construction or externally powder coated electrogalvanized steel
  • Expandable up to six-glove negative pressure isolator for operator and environment protection