Nanocarb™ Activated Carbon Filtration

Esco's Nanocarb™ activated carbon filters are constructed in order to ensure maximum filter efficiency, retention capacity and operator protection. Esco's research scientists and engineers, working in consultation with world-leading authorities on adsorption science, have developed the following set of unique technologies:



Nanocarb™ Filter Options

Suitable Applications
Standard Filter All common laboratory chemicals, especially with organics. When no specific requirements are present, or when more than one type of chemical is used.
Acid Filter Applications involving sulphur dioxide, hydroflouric acid fumes. Removes inorganic / organic acid vapours and fumes.
Mercury Compounds Filter Highly effective for removal of mercury vapour and compounds. (Stable, non-volatile mercuric sulphide filter media).
Sulphur Compounds Filter Removal of sulphur compounds.
Halogen Compounds Filter Removal of halogen compounds like Chlorine, flourine, Iodine, Bromine, Astatine, etc.
Aldehyde Filter Formaldehyde applications or when aldehydes are present. Hospital pathology and endoscopy applications.
Ammonia/Amines Filter High performance removal of ammonia/amines by chemisorption.
Ethers and Chloroform Special impregnated carbon for ethers and chloroform.
Optional HEPA Filter HEPA filter with a typical efficiency of 99.99% removes particulates and aerosols. Ductless fume hoods with HEPA filters are suitable for cleanroom applications, or may be used as a Class I Biological Safety Cabinet.
Optional Secondary Backup Carbon Filter When installed, hood complies with the requirements of ANSI/AIHA Z9.5-2003.