Swift™ MaxPro Thermal Cyclers

Swift™ MaxPro Thermal Cyclers
  • Humanistic Design
    • The Peltier module, electronics and sensors are precision tuned and tested to ensure the longest operating lifespan possible.
    • Pre-programmed methods provide easy choice.
    • Easy, graphical programming for temperature, holding time, ramp rate, pause and other functions.
    • Large memory stores up to 100 individual methods in equipment; unlimited methods on USB memory stick or PC.
    • Large-screen interface for all functions.
    • Multi-block capability with automatic block recognition software minimizes the need for manual settings.
    • Automatic restart saves set points and resumes process in the event of power interruption.
  • Information Secured
    • Password protection guarantees secure system access.
    • PC management software allows you to control up to 30 MaxPro thermal cyclers via one PC.
  • Uniformity
    • Adjustable hot lid temperature and ramp rate.
  • Flexibility
    • Powerful software meets a variety of experimental requirements, such as gradient PCR, Touch down PCR, time release PCR, In Situ PCR and others.
    • Software updates can be downloaded via internet.
    • Industry leading warranty for peace of mind.
SWT-MXP Swift MaxPro Cycler Main Body 100-240VAC
SWT-MXP-BLC-1 Swift MaxPro Block 1 (96x0.2mL) Gradient
SWT-MXP-BLC-2 Swift MaxPro Block 2 (30×0.5mL+48×0.2mL)
SWT-MXP-BLC-3 Swift MaxPro Block 3 (384-well microplates) Gradient
SWT-MXP-BLC-4 Swift MaxPro Block 4 (48 x 0.2mL) x2
SWT-MXP-BLC-5 Swift MaxPro Block 5 (4 In Situ Slides)